Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I can’t find a trailer for Good Vibrations anywhere. I’ve hunted high and low but there doesn’t seem to be one. Pretty odd for something that’s a month away from a limited cinema run.

However, maybe it’s better that way because you’ll have to go and see it. While not without its flaws here and there, the overall effect and taking into consideration that you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story, I would reckon that most, if not all of you would chime with it.

Watching an actor play someone you actually know is pretty odd. And I’m standing by for more of that with the CBGBs film that’s due soon. Two other aspects of film personally moved me and I’m not going to divulge those just in case you can get the same frisson.

Terri Hooley was at the screening and he stated that Glasgow was the place he really wanted to attend the screening. He was a little overcome with emulsion as befits his character. The fact that a story like this could ever be made into a film in this day and age is out of step with perceived regulation. However this made it to screen is something to be celebrated. I read a very mean-spirited, entirely missing the point review of it online. Then I read that it made Mark Kermode cry. I wonder if he was affected by the same parts as I was?

Perhaps I’ll get a chance to ask him when The Dodge Brothers hit Bo’ness in March.