Friday, August 20, 2010

Joe Franklin's real class and here's his encounter with Joey and Marky (Raymone)... check out the T-shirt Joe is wearing on the press photo (taken by Monte)... blimey. Brings us all back squarely to The Dictators without which, many of us over here would never have known who JF was. Popular culture works in mysterious ways. (Thanks to Marc Campbell via facebook)

I wonder. If I stare at that pile (points) of CDs for long enough, might they just disappear?

Sometimes I get very dejected but more often than not something comes along to revitalise the nerve endings that have been narked. Right now there’s a whole bunch of great stuff about to come out. It’s difficult to keep up with let alone keep a perspective on. Not really a problem or an iffy position, particularly on a Friday with an entire weekend ready to roll.

Matt and Kim are down south in Engerland this weekend at the V Festival. They shine like the proverbial stream of bat pee from an otherwise typical festival fare. Their new single “Cameras” will be available from August 31st.

Eric and Amy are in that same part of the world at the Rhythm Festival. I was listening to “Do You Remember That?” last night and thinking we should start a facebook campaign for it to be Christmas # 1. Yep. I said the C-word and I’m getting ahead of myself but as popular music goes, when it gets a release is likely to hit my all time favourites chart with a bullet. It tells a fantastic story that warms the cockles of my very hard to please heart.

And in keeping with the cool story theme, check out this one about Lorraine Ellison’s “Stay With Me” over at the So Many Records portal.

More when I figure out what it is that I ought to be doing.