Friday, July 23, 2010

There's much reportage about the Big Society here in the UK but I think that the press release actually came out with a typo. And I wonder if it's likely to include those utter fuckwits that drive while they yatter on a mobile phone? Anyway, it's not good to be wound up on a Friday afternoon and there's some good stuff coming up over the next day or three. In addition, I'm dealing with chores and other stuff that I've been procrastinating with for some considerable time. Headway is being made so I'm kind of going with the flow.

Anyway though, you could use a break from my yakkin' so if you're looking for click action...

Radio Free Song Club Summer Special Edition!

The Busybuddy is back!

Teenage Kicks is worthy of your time.

Hello Saferide will be in LA this coming October!

I need to find links for a couple other things at this juncture. They've been mislaid. A bit like my mind it would seem.