Friday, August 01, 2008

All hail the Friday effect. I always figure that when I get to the car that it's all downhill from there but of course the actual depression doesn't really set in until after 5pm on a Sunday. Sometimes, but not often, later.

Anyway I meant to post word of this before I shot the craw this morning but time didn't permit. Annika Norlin appeared on the prestigious Swedish Radio station P1 today as part of their "Summer Talkers" strand. Of course it's in the native tongue so perhaps of limited interest to non-speakers but I figured you'd like to know and Annika's choice of music is pretty entertaining. It's the equivalent of being on one of those BBC Radio 4 mainstays on this sceptic isle. Anyway you can check it out here, should the spirit be willing. I tried to mp3 it but because it opens up in windows media player it seems to bypass the regular soundcard.

In other news, maybe I'll make it to a screening of the Berlin film this weekend or maybe not.

At this juncture, it's all to play for... I will finish the Edison book though.

Mr Spence wishes it to be known...


THE BRUTES are playing another of our rare hometown shows this Saturday (2nd August) at LA ROCHE RUMBA at Pollock Ex-Servicemen's Club, 111 Titwood Rd., Shawlands, Glasgow. Nearest train station - Crossmyloof. 8pm til 1am, band on around 11pm; £4 entry. I'm thinking of providing a "taxi service" out to the show w/ the BRUTEMOBILE (tm) from the city centre, so gimme a shout if you're interested. You can get a real taxi back into town (All Tore Up is on at Blackfriars 'til 3am), 'cos I'm planning on getting pished!
Anyways, hope to see y'all there...... Jim (aka Beauregarde Brute)
Dutchies are reminded that the New York Dolls are playing at Tivoli De Helling right here in Utrecht tonight (aug 1st) Be there or be square...