Saturday, April 22, 2006

Please excuse the self indulgence, but Lindsay's below post reminded me of this picture, taken, what is it?, some seven years ago. The WTC was still there, and Alice 'n me got to shake hands with Andy Shernoff, Top Ten, HDM, Mighty Joe Vincent, Todd Abramson, Karen Winter, Johan Kugelberg, Blair Buscareno and all kindsa like-minded people in a matter of days. As much as I like London or Madrid, NYC will always be the (r&r) capitol of the world to me.
The Panopticon is an incredible place and it’s amazing that there are shows allowed in there at all. In these days of risk assessments, health and safety and needing to be insured up the wazoo just to breathe. Anyway, The BMX vs Pearlfishers set was short, sharp and practically accapella. The essence of timeless pop from a bygone time, recreated in a venue in a place that anybody with a sense of history ought to try and visit. I’d lose the artwork if it were me and concentrate on making it a music hall shrine but anyway, it’s still here so we need to be thankful for that at least.

The Arthur Kane documentary NEW YORK DOLL is a moving piece that’s already out on dvd in the US but is on limited theatre release here and that’s the way to see it. It includes Nina Antonia, Sylvain and Johansen et al and even Rick Rivets and Sirius Trixon. However, it’s about Arthur's redemption more than The Dolls. How he spiritually squared his troubled existencw with realising the dream of the band getting back together. He was looking a bit like Bill Nighy and you may well come away from it thinking that we could all take a leaf out of how dignified he was and what he achieved beyond the trappings of material gain. On the trailers prior to NYD, The Devil and Daniel Johnston was also previewed and it includes his appearance on The Cutting Edge with one Peter Zaremba. I’ve raved about this to anybody who’d listen since I saw it in Edinburgh last August. These are both intense portraits of very special people as is the upcoming You’re Gonna Miss Me. More of which next weekend…
"Hiya Kids,

A new feature with our mail outs is a bit of a news section just to give you something other than my wit(sic)and a few gig details to delete. This is also cos our guest book has been inhabited with 300 spammers so if i post it on there it'll be gone in the morning.We are trying to fix this so bear with us.

The news isn't just related to Deptford's finest either, so read on who knows there may be something for everyone. Plus it gives you an idea of the stuff we're into (like you care)

Firstly the sad stuff - Nikki Sudden died a few weeks ago and i had the honour of attending his funeral on wednesday in leamington spa. Anyone who likes the good stuff should check out his last album, "Treasure Island" as well as the rest of Nikki's recorded output. He was one of this islands' best kept secrets so discover now! is a good place to start.............I'll be posting info on some forthcoming tribute gigs for Nikki soon.

On a happier and less than six degrees of seperation front, Darrell Bath, who's played with Nikki for eons (and on the album) is reassembling his old band The Crybabys for a one off special - their first gig in god knows how long. They play tonight (22/4/06) at the Garage in Highbury and Islington as part of a Johnny Thunders memorial/tribute gig along with Dirty Love and the metro riots.

Yes kids, 15 years ago on 23rd March JT died for your sins, so light a candle and remember someone who really influenced rock n roll- then, now and for ever. I don't need to say anymore.

The Crybabys of course include Honest John Plain from the Boys, and The Boys play a special 30th Anniversary Show at the Barfly on September 22 - Only 200 tickets so you better move on to

This brings us back to The Phobics next gig on Wednesday 26th April at The Rhythm Factory, 16-18 Whitechapel Road, London E1 020 7375 3775. Nearest tubes Aldgate East or Whitechapel, buses 25, 254, 106.

8pm until 1am, THE PHOBICS after 9ish With - PLUS, THE SPIDER HOUSE, GNA and GLORIOUS Only £4 with our flyer less than a quid a band!

Our next gig is back in Sarf London on Saturday 13th May - Birds Nest, Deptford Church Street, Deptford SE8 FREE!! MOYNI’S belated Birthday GIG! 9pm onwards The Phobics play 2 sets – plus all the usual shenanigans.

(From the HDM & DKT/MC5 IN NYC

(From Billboard) "The Strokes, the Dictators' Andy Shernoff, the Dead Boys' Cheetah Chrome and DKT with guest vocalists Corey Glover and Marshall Crenshaw will perform at the Joey Ramone Birthday Benefit next month.

The event will be held May 19 at New York's Irving Plaza on what would have been the late Ramones frontman's 55th birthday. Ramone died of cancer in 2001. Also on tap to appear is Richie Ramone, who manned the drum kit from 1983-1987 but was estranged from other group members for many years.

Proceeds from the show will be donated to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Also in the works is an exhibition of work from well-known rock photographers in the days leading up to the bash
Stripchords and Sonic Reducer Tag Team action, ahoy!

"All hail, kits'n'kittens!

We trust that you checked out legendary Boston rock'n'roll combos The Lyres and The Remains at the Le Beat Bespoke II shindig in Londinium last weekend, and also that we wuz too drunk too see ya grindin' when we were spinning 45s fer all-round icon Wilko Johnson at The Spitz Festival Of Blues on Easter Saturday night ... if not, more fool ya! Twas truly one of the rocking-est weekends that yer ever-lovin' 'Reducer team has experienced for some darn time!

But the main course is this Sunday, April 23rd, when The Stripchords play Charlie 'Hangdog' Munn's Sunday Revelator sesh, with the Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs plus our very own Captain Rex Standish on decks duties.

Word has it that the crowd at this weekly event love to rock the dancefloor, so expect a superior mash of R&B, rock'n'roll, garage punk, deep fried junk and other musical monkey magic!

The Stripchords have a boudoir-full of gigs coming up during May and June, at such notable venues as The Spitz, The 100 Club, The Actionettes'
Tiki-Go-Go, and the mighty Ace Café. Log onto to download tracks, and see a short performance video ...


Joss & Joe xxx

PS The Sonic Reducer club nite is taking an unforseen break during April, but will be back during May, with a spiffy, free and late-opening location onna Saturday nite - did ya ever think we'd let ya down? Norra chance ... "


The Stripchords & Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs

April, 23 2006 at The Sunday Revelator @ The Macbeth 70 Hoxton Street, London, N1 6LP
Cost: £4, free b4 8.30pm

Email or ring 07963 638580 for further info.