Saturday, June 21, 2008

I hope Amy doesn't mind me swiping this picture off her site to convey that the word is out. The Wreckless (Eric)/(Amy) Rigby album will be coming your way on Stiff Records. Yes, you read that right. Back where it all began where it was semaphore signals we used, not the internut. Anyway - the full bhoona on that in due course. It's also the Grangemooth Gala Day (which means the rain won't be far away) and my mother called me last night to tell me about this. Who could have thunk it'd make the news today.

OK, if I'd switched my phone on last night then I'd have known but you know how I am with these things. Anyhoo - The Nomads will perform with the very Rev. Roger Kynard Erickson at the Peace and Love Festival next Saturday (28th @ 8pm). A very, very special event, I hope it will be recorded/broadcast for posterity. Maybe I should spring for a lottery ticket? Or better yet, move to Sweden.

If you're at a loose end in Glasgow tonight, check out this Raymond Scott celebration at the Panopticon.