Tuesday, July 25, 2006

RIP - Jessie Mae Hemphill

(Link courtesy of Colin Duff)
From therunaways.com:

"Hello Friends,

Many of you have written letters to Sandy West and have inquired why there is no new music or merchandise. It has come the time for us to address this issue. It has been a very hard year for Sandy.

In August of last year, Sandy was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has battled bravely and endured an extensive course of chemotherapy which is still continuing. We did not release this information as Sandy wanted her illness to remain a private issue, and to reemerge with new projects, cancer free.

Earlier this week, Sandy received some news that has made her reevaluate the issue of privacy vs her need for your prayers and support.

In addition to the existing lung cancer, Sandy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is currently undergoing radiation therapy in addition to the chemotherapy. It is a very hard time for her, and while we remain optimistic and hopeful, at this time we ask for your prayers and for you to please send out your positive and healing energy to Sandy.

We have set up a special e-mail for Get Well letters. Sandy won't be able to respond, but you can rest assured she will receive your letters. The greatest joy in Sandy's life is her fans. She considers all of you family and would sincerely benefit from your letters of encouragement at this time.

We have set up a Paypal account for Sandy as well. Even though she has some medical insurance, her bills are piling up alarmingly, and any amount you'd like to donate, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated.

Please email your Get Well wishes to: lettersforsandy (at) yahoo.com

You can help Sandy here:
Donate here through PayPal.

For money orders:
Sandy West
c/o Rocket City Records/Times Square Productions
520 Washington Blvd # 199
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292-5421
Please add the insurance/registered mail option so if anything happens it can be tracked.
Money orders only. Please make them out to Sandy West
Please do not send cash!"