Wednesday, April 20, 2011

End and tether are two words that spring to mind right about now. Discouraged and disgruntled are two more. I’m struggling to update this as often as I should but still feel obliged to at least post something every day.

I'm hoping that this weekend's encounter with them Groovies will relight the pilot of this decidely rickety escapade. Hooking up with the crew definitely will but then there's the part where one turns back into a pumpkin. Or equivalent. No disrespect to the actual fruit in question.

It's easter everywhere. Well nearly everywhere, somebody up here in Northern Britain has made a right pig's ear of the holiday this year. Par for the course. Still, if you can hold on until October, Capt. Kevin Morris has announced that the first big thing for Glasgow Americana this year is Alejandro Escovedo on October 9th.

And there's a ton of great shows taking place all over. Info on these will be conveyed as it becomes available. And fine new recordings also by some of our staple artists. Taken in that context then things don't suck at all, it's just the life experience of the past 4-ish months that has been wearing me down. There's an expression that goes "Everything that's for me is against me". I tried googling it and got exactly nada by way of an explanation but it pretty much sums things up for yours truly. Recited in a Scottish brogue, it makes perfect sense.