Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Howdy Cowpoke!
Please join SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE CO. on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH as we saddle up for the RODEO BAR, nestled in Manhattan at 375 Third Avenue, on the corner of 27th Street (www.RodeoBar.com). Sure as shootin' we'll be playing three sets, at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30 sharp -- and you bet it's FREE, as are the peanuts.

Your pardner, Michael "Ballads, Boogies & Blues"

P.S. And we return to our Thursday night residency at OTTO'S SHRUNKEN HEAD, starting on OCTOBER 6TH, just so you know.

Would you believe?... Agent 86 dead at 82. RIP - Don Adams (Sad news from Chief Thewlis)

Update at 6.15pm... Couldn't do much earlier but surreptitiously post something from work. I was sorry to hear about Max. When Channel 4 started here they broadcast a whole bunch of the original series. Pretty sure that's where my habit of addressing people as "Chief" came from but anyway, when Tony broke the news to me, I tried to find a story. The BBC ran a small piece but that was all. It's much bigger news in the USA and Australia where they take this kinda culture a bit more seriously. I imagine Agent 99 is fairly devastated right about now... Time to rake for those VHS's.