Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I’ve really taken to the ruling of not switching on the computer before I leave in the morning. Don’t fret though - it’s not that the time is being used wisely or anything. There are more positive glitches on the horizon interspersed with the more common, extended bouts of gloom. Motivation is still a problem in the main.

The "alternative vote" seems likely to go the route of the similarly-monikered comedy type. Like independent and "indie", the bigger problem is getting people to vote at all and encoraging inclusion rather than disillusion. “The daftest wee country in the world” goes to the polls tomorrow as a stop off before hitting canine central altogether.

Still, perhaps you’re out enjoying the last vestiges of sun for now. They’re predicting rain for tomorrow so make that hay... if you’re in Edinburgh then both Peter Case (& The Sunshine Delay) and Greg Trooper are in town tonight. I’m conserving my energies and meagre finances for Friday though and contemplating a very quiet weekend here at the bunker. Let’s see how that pans out.