Wednesday, January 06, 2010

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The south is getting the inclement weather now apparently but it’s still bleeding cold. I went out at lunchtime to clean the windscreen of the car and as soon as the water was applied it froze. Still it was good to be able to drive a hundred yards before the spray from other vehicles restricted my view again.

Managed to get into the driveway again too with only a little crunch courtesy of the the hard packed snow. I hope that's all it was anyway...

This was a picture taken out of the office window at about 10.20am this morning. There were no deer running across the field. You might think – wow – what a view. However, we (most of my colleagues and I) associate driving toward the hills with work. If you were to do so for rest and/or relaxation then yes - it’s pretty damn picturesque. On the low end of spectacular even, but those of us who are in there seldom get the chance to look up. Which of course is exactly why it’s called work and not “the place where you can gawp at the pretty countryside all day”. Incidentally it’s still dark at 9am, what’s up with that?

Now that there’s a little respite in this part of Scotchland, the bright blue skies pretend like it’s still light on the journey home. Aye the days are fair drawing oot….

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