Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oversubscribed and/or flailing. That's the order of the day around here. Many distractions and a total and utter lack of organisation on my part. Seems like the power to schedule has been lost and hence the rather tardy attempts at making an appearance here. I've sort of lost the will to blog actually. That's the truth of the matter, especially when the ISP seems to be playing up into the bargain. Using a bloody computer all day, every day means that I'm not altogether in the best tid for starting again when I drag my arse home, tonight - like last night - I had every intention of schlepping to Glasgow but the flesh, the spirit and the wallet are all vying for which is the sodding weakest. But anyway, Murray sent me this link to some Hilly the K tributes from outside what was CBGB's. From there you can navigate to more cool images by Debbie CB's. Go do it.