Friday, January 29, 2010

Go visit Brijitte...

No - I will at no time, EVER, care about seeing Flouride and her Apparatus. READ THIS CAREFULLY – I have nothing – NOT A THING - to do with a festival of the same name as this blog. Nor the HMV version of such blasphemy. Who knows, maybe those two things are the same. I remember writing to a TV show of the same name telling them they were taking our name in vain and they didn’t reply.

Incase some of you folks don’t know. We took our name from The Dictators song from The Dictators Go Girl Crazy. This album came out in 1975 and this malarky started in 1977. Ergo, we have time on our side and a claim to the fact that their interpretation is a clich├ęd distortion of the finite original intention. I’m pleased you want to hold a party for this festival and it's lackeys but I CAN’T HELP YOU. Can you read? Judging by the messages I've received of late, perhaps not.

Talking about The Dictators and parties though, it’s Handsome Dick Manitoba’s birthday. May he roll in the thunder for many moons to come.

RIP - JD Salinger