Sunday, May 16, 2010

RIP - Ronnie James Dio

Youtube link via Mans P Månsson...

Wow, I'd never seen this before. Links via The Bambi Molesters facebook page. During Part Two, Lux declares them as the best Surf band he's ever seen. Imagine, just imagine how great they must be 12 years down the pike?

The Bambi Molesters are always on heavy rotation here in the bunker. They make music for every occasion and they make it count. Perhaps they’re not the most prolific combo on the block but on the avenue where nature takes its course, the follow up to “Sonic Bullets” is out now on Dancing Bear. It’ll be unleashed on the remainder of Europe by Glitterhouse in a matter of days.

“As the Dark Wave Swells” is another collection of main title instro-phonic action from the intersection of cinematic and surf. There's nothing incidental about this gear. Themes from imaginary films performed in the spirit of a picture being worth at least a thousand words. A soulful twang that swings. Some of the titles are begging to be made into flicks – "The Kiss-Off", "Wrong Turn" and "Panic Party" to name but three. And then there’s “Lazy Girls Hangout”.

“What are they then, another surf band?” is often the question. “No” (rolls eyes) will be my short reply and then when I put it on the listener tends to understand completely. Eyes tend to bug out and toes will get to tappin’. It would take a right dose of lughole constipation to register anything other than complete surrender in my opinion. The Bambi’s are just very good at what they do. They take their own sweet time and they do it right. Pure and simple.

There should be some euro shows in October, Dalibor tells me that clubs weren’t keen on booking shows during the impending football daftness. This news made me hate the game even more than I do already and those of you who know me will know that’s a monolithic bowl of dislike. Still, long after that crap is over with – The Bambi Molesters will be there to delight and confound, sometimes both at once. Such is the nature of their pristine composition. A smidge over 38 minutes of outright dynamite.

Available on vinyl and CD (and download too I guess).