Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's always a struggle to get back into routine. Even after just one day off, it takes
some doing to get back to where you left things. Me anyway. This inability to do
anything in Photoshop or whatev is impeding my progress here as well. I did mean
to forward some stuff to work to try and manipulate during lunchtime but forgot
to do that before shutting down. What a divot. It was before 6am right enough but
that's still not a legitimate reason.

And then tomorrow, the Edinburgh International Film Festival programme
is unveiled. Let's hope the postal system doesn't bugger it up like they've managed
the last couple of times. Of course, it can be browsed online but that will never take
the place of going backwards and forwards through the printed blighter, trying to
figure out a schedule of sorts.

So I have some other stuff to attend to now, DD Banter dropped by with news of
Meg White and Jackson (son of Patti and Fred "Sonic") Smith.
This is as close to Hello magazine as this portal is likely to get.

Two days until the formatting bounces back (hopefully)...

Nothing better than some RJaP for a Tuesday teatime (GMT)
Clips shot by bgrrrlie

RIP - Dom DeLuise