Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been reading about the Kurt Cobain Guitar Hero hoo-hah and also got a message from my pal Bon Von Wheelie out there in Tacoma. It made me do try and find some Girl Trouble on YouTube and there are only two versions of the "My Hometown" video on there. This is particularly pertinent because it features a certain Neko Case who, if all goes according to plan, I will see in Edinburgh tomorrow.

So here's the GT clip, it can't be embedded unfortunately. The embed one has a banner ad thing at the top. The best band that Sub Pop ever had and one of the greatest rock'n'roll combo's of all time. And following yesterday's discovery, here's a Fastbacks clip I never say before. Again not embedabble but great to see another Pacific Northwest staple that wiped the floor with the originbal subject of this post. I never rated Nirvana. Not really. Neither Kurt's or the old Island Records Folkies. Just incase there was any confusion.

Need to move before I seize up, pushing that lawnmower is more exercise than I'm used to.