Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I seem to have caught some kind of virus. Of the type that skews the ability to use time wisely and with it the art of prioritising. Maybe it’s because there’s nothing hard and fast happening. All of a sudden, I’ve gotten the feeling of drifting. Not always good, never really bad but listless nonetheless. Having located my blood donor card, I decided that I should make the effort to go and use it. To give back for the cool surprise of some new tracks by by The Dahlmanns in my e-mail this morning. More on that as and when the signal for the word to go out is given.

The autumnal streak continues and it’s definitely a bit fresher. Kind of impossible to have as much rain as there’s been this past few days and it not to be. Ran into some local worthies on my daunder. One of 'em gave me some information that was a little rough concerning another. There are some rotten cards being dealt and this makes me think that i should probably keep my face shut when it comes to complaining.