Saturday, April 02, 2011

In an eerie coincidence, having just posted that Wunderle/Terry clip - I just heard from Cindy Woolf of the Springfield, Mo. parish to the effect that she's playing in Leith tomorrow night (Sunday 3rd).

Someplace called Bond #9...

A wee while ago I was hanging stuff on the walls when all of a sudden I just about ripped the top of the middle finger of my left hand off. Ketchup all over the place except thankfully not on the wall itself. Anyway, I don't trust these hooks I got now so I ended up on here. The copy of First World Manifesto turned up today too so I'll get a few spins of that sorted out while I'm waiting on the flow to stop.

Anyway, I was perusing fezbook and I saw this from Kogar. Pretty exciting. I've never seen the film he's talking about but presumably it's the source of the stills that became those early promo screen prints? Hope to see the actual thing one day.

And this morning, I "shared" this on fb but seeing as it's almost a decade since Joey left us, then it seems fitting to post it here too. It's amazing that stuff like this can still turn up in these pre-packaged, product placed times.

From J. Wunderle via Joe Terry on fezbook...