Friday, June 20, 2008

All of last night and for much of today my mind has been on the restaurant we visited in Stockholm last Friday. Whoa, those meatballs. That monster mash, with a gravy that well, quite simply was beyond any mere gravy by a wavy mile. The place is called Tranan (thanks M) and if you ever find yourself in that fair city and if you're not of the veggie or vegan persuasion then you have to have these. This dish isn't on the regular menu but you have the inside track here. I rarely get that excited by food but by crikey, this made an impression.

Truth be told, I've been wishing it was last week all day today however, the weekend is finally here and it's a busy one. As for the news I mentioned yesterday, it's not absolutely set in stone but it is said that a certain Swedish rock'n'roll combo with credentials and a Texan legend will be taking to the stage together at Peace and Love - next week!? Of course, when it becomes available, the whole enchilada will be here. Still awaiting the nod on two new exemplary blogs too. You've got a lot coming up so fill your boots with fresh air while you're still able to tear yourself away from the computer. Or maybe you're mobile with all this stuff? There's a scarey thought.