Saturday, June 17, 2006

When the package that had “Introducing… Hello Saferide” in it arrived, the rest of the contents kinda went by the wayside. Not that they were bad by any means but let’s just say I got distracted. FIREFOX AK’s “Madame Madame!” is on the Razzia imprint also and is futuristic (in the classical sense) scandanavian pop. Checking out the background info, I see that she has played shows with the likes of Stereo Total and this 10 song album (+ videoclips) are definitely related to that strain of electro. However, this Kraftwerkian synth swing really creeps up on you. Like if Ralf and Florian had bounced Bjorn and Benny out of Abba and hotwired their commercial undertow. It’s not robotic in the slightest though. There’s a warmth to the automation, like Simple Minds circa “Reel To Reel Cacophony” or “Empires and Dance”. FIREFOX AK is the pseudonymn of Andrea Kellerman who also features on HS’s “Long Lost Penpal”. There’s some sort of Swedish masterplan to rule the outright pop world going on and "Madame Madame!" is a hypnotic throb which uses frequencies that’ll make sure her sounds ring in your noggin long after you remove the cd from the player tray.
T’was something of a surprise and an honour to receive a message from Fur Dixon recently. Since then I’ve become acquainted with her most recent music project but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. A recap for those who might not know, prior to her becoming the rather striking Mohican bass player with The Cramps, Fur had always dabbled in the art of country music. Way before the advent of those “new country” or “Americana” pigeonholes, she was in the Screamin’ Sirens (with Rosie Flores) and then The Hollywood Hillbillys. Someone should release their album.
Anyway we’re down the road apiece now. She hid her light under a bushel during that time with Lux, Ivy and Nick. She has a fabulous warble of a voice which is perfect for the smokin’ folky bluegrass that is “The Pearl and the Swine”. Fur's companion is a guy by the name of Steve Werner and together they’ve crafted a beautiful set of travelling songs and there are 12 of on the album. It’s unashamedly good natured and the two trade off one another effortlessly. The perfect soundtrack to ride a station (or any other kind of) wagon through yer actual and metaphorical desert landscape. They're hauling plenty of liquid to keep you hydrated.

“Where Are We Going?” asks track 8, well hopefully in the direction of Europe at some point. Check out some of their songs at the FUR and STEVE website. It’s addictive stuff. Steve Werner’s voice compliments his female accomplice perfectly and the music they make is utterly uncomplicated and all the better for it. If you like pickin’ that’ll make you grin then stop off in these folks company for a while. They appear to exist in a world that revolves at a different pace. I for one chums, am down with that!
Crypt Brooklyn store OPENS FRIDAY JUNE 23!
I can't recall if I posted this already or not. Such is the state of the "heid" department around this 'hood. Anyways, in the probable chance that I didn't, BARRACUDAFFICIANADOS should note that MEANTIME and ENDEAVOUR TO PERSEVERE (with the requisite bonus cuts et al) are being reissued by Japanese label Airmail Recordings in July. The Rt. Hon JEREMY GLUCK has his BUFFALO BILL album reactivated by Diesel Motor as a double-CD with a disc of bonus material including two new tracks. He has also "knocked out a cover" of The Dogs' immortal "Terminal State" for a forthcoming French tribute to their finest rock'n'roll sons.
the chesterfield kings

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