Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, I had intended heading for Auld Reekie to catch FANGS but the weather is somewhat inclement. Another couple of episodes of The Wire Season One it is then. I'll believe in the snow fairy provided I can't leave the house tomorrow but I think it's just 80mph winds and horizontal rain for this part of the world.

So anyway, back on Monday yonder I caught Billie The Vision and the Dancers opening for Jools Holland/Mojo phenomenon, Seasick Steve. Have to say that despite not being able to see what anyone sees in this guys albums, live he's something of a hoot. Playing banged up instruments is various stages of disrepair and generally sounding like a one man Led Zeppelin. But anyway, BTV was the reason I was there. Having dug their latest album "Where The Ocean Meets My Hand" which includes "Overdosing With You", I wasn't exactly ready for the power they pack in person. Bitchslapping the UK is right. This 7 piece ensemble is just about the freshest pop combo I've seen in ages. Their mutant power folk combines almost skifflelike acoustabilly with a mariachi glam undertow. Soaring and percussive and toting a hell of a trumpet player.

BTV singer, Lars is like a cross between Zal Cleminson and Jayne County. Mixed up and shook up like a great entertainer should be. You'll be hearing more about them here when I properly digest their previous two releases. In he meantime, I hope they're planning to come back to capitalise on their Glasgow welcome. I feared it might be a Cramps/Police or Suicide/Clash scenario but it wasn't. That Seasick Steve crowd is open to new things that don't conform. Good for them, it makes me think that all is perhaps not lost after all.

I also saw part of the set by Glasgow's criminally unknown The Martial Arts but had to bale to catch the last train. It was a school night too but well worth the next day knackeredness. Hopefully, before too long, I'll catch a whole show but they can deliver. Count on that. This Groover Recordings combo isn't your common or garden amalgam or identikit indie ranch stash. Bear in mind that Redd Kross never broke through but O-arse-is did. Most people are not like the Seasick audience. They like their music cut up for their consumption and they like to be spoonfed. For instance, this Glasvegas mob that are getting big licks. Doesn't their 45 just sound like a Proclaimer singing with The Mary Chain? It's not bad, maybe quite good but not world beating. Not like Billie The Vision and not like The Martial Arts. What they do comes from the soul with a couple dollups of heart thrown in.

Been a bastard of a week, roll on Friday. Hey, that's tomorrow... there goes the phone...