Friday, October 28, 2005

Well, much as I appreciate the help with all aspects of life on earth, I'm turning on the word verification feature of the comments facility. Hopefully this will block the generation of "comment spam" and won't piss off prospective commentary too much. The next stage is to 86 it all together if it doesn't stem the pish that clogs up my mailbox all through the day. So it's nearly hallowe'en and it doesn't seem much like it. Christ, The Cramps aren't even doing it this year t'would seem.

I plan to spend this weekend mostly digging into the Morells set and also the episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that just turned up. The clocks go back so there's a bonus hour to be savoured come Sunday if you can find it. The "indian summer" we've enjoyed for the last couple of days is about to come to an abrupt end according to the weather report. No Wayne Shorter jokes please.