Friday, September 29, 2006

Downer at the Rock and Roll Club, Lenny Kaye on the closing of CBGBs.

Other bits and pieces that i've failed to convey in recent times...

Too Tough To Die is screening at Raindance in London on October 4th. Info courtesy of Martin Percival who has clocked it and deems it worth seeing. A trailer can be found here.

The Mose Allison documentary that aired on BBC4 a number of times is broadcast on BBC2 tonight at 11.35pm.

Don't forget that The Come-Ons are on tour in the UK as of next Thursday (Hull). Friday (6th) they'll be in Glasgow. Check their site for further info.

A Voodoo exhibition in Glasgow anybody?

The Word Is Out...

Teenage Fanclub podcast for The Herald in Glasgow as a taster for their Barras show tonight...

Brother Patrick sez that Target is the best music magazine in France at the moment. He knows all about good gear alright.

Also, if you're holed up in the UK...

New York Dolls on Jonathan Ross tonight.
BBC1, 10.35pm (ish)
So I wonder if ol’ is gonna piss me about like it did yesterday? I guess we’ll see when I get to the publishing part and it goes phut into oblivion. The “draft” thing never seems to work for me either. When something goes awry then I always figure that it’s down to me. I’ve been programmed to respond like that over the years. Time to get to grips with some of those sounds I mentioned the other day.

The Wildebeests “Annie Get Your Gnu” is on Screaming Apple. Consistently one of the coolest groups perpetrating the big beat, these ‘gnu-sonic’ slices shoot a curl through all the faux scenester bullshit that tends to pass for garage rock about now. Like all good hootch of its type, you can imagine that the originals are some long lost acetates that nobody ever unearthed and thats what sets ‘em apart. Fossilised rocket fuel pressed and ready to give your turntable and cd player a damn good shake. Followed by a rattlin’, rollin’ clip ‘round the lug. File under ruckus.

The connection to Preston Pfanz and the Seaton Sands comes via the very Rev. L. Helsing of the Thanes Parish. His services to 60’s salvation via the fuzz ministry have included members of this Edinburgh based instro-mental combo. Their Big Beat Guitar Party EP is mandatory listening for NBT perusers. These International Connoisseur Recordings infuse those twangin’ shards of yesteryear with a now gusto that will be reverberating around that cranium of yours. These, like The Bambi Molesters, are secret agent sounds from beyond the surf. Not sure about availability but maybe Angus will leave some info in the comments box? I can guarantee that you will indeed dig this… Look out for an appearance at Beat Expo in November.

Related to PP are Les Bof!, a combo with a distinctive Gallic flavour and the houseband of the club of the same name in Edinburgh. The aforementioned Thanes have a show there at Henry’s Cellar Bar in Auld Reekie a week from today (October 6th). This EP on Disques Rogue can be bought at shows and is as authentic as the jacket would suggest. Attention to detail and a deep notion to turn back time have perhaps never been combined to greater effect. The version of “I Can Only Give You Everything” sparkles with effervescent froth - like creamola foam tinkling right up yer neb. Watch this space for details of the next Club Bof!

I'll close this segment with a couple more youtube moments... supplied by Crucifox...

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band perform Midnight Moses Live.

Apache as you (possibly) never heard it before. Don't visit the onscreen URL though as it takes you to a porno site. Anybody have any idea of who the "group" are? Or their nationality?? Smells likethere could be a Boney M Connection...

And give it up for Reg Kahoe and his Marimba Queens