Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OK kids, play nice. Doubtful I'll be posting until at least Tuesday but you never know.

Meanwhile, here's a nice little article on Eric and Amy by Keith Bruce from last Saturday's Herald Arts Section.

and Don's Tommy James int. Pt 2.

You want to snag a copy of the new Primevals CD? follow Mr Rooney's instructions...

"sorry for the delay- we got our new studio release 'disinhibitor' delivered today and it sounds fine indeed! for the first 100 copies we will include a live cd from king tuts in 2005. It's £5 and if you want me to post it, add £1.50. or paypal/cheque even meet me on the street for a transaction!

i know some of you have pledged copies, some more than one, if you still want the same amounts then that is fine, just gimme a shout and spread the word! the cd will be released on tsb in oct/nov and a vinyl version soon after. This first press is on our own Triple Wide label. This will be the last sales pitch.

thanks, mickey"