Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Wow, nice find J... I never heard this before...

To whom it may concern. This blog has nothing to do with any competition that has taken our name in vain. I’m getting e-mails asking for crap to do with that and here’s where it gets shouty… THIS NEXT BIG THING WAS AROUND A LONG TIME PRIOR TO THE VARIATION ON A BATTLE OF THE BANDS EVER EXISTED.

As Lux said “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?...” This time out I’m not even doing the courtesy of answering such misguided souls. There’s been a disclaimer in the sidebar there since the first time it all happened, evidently these people can’t read or are in such a desperate state that they don’t look for clues.

I mean, does this place look like we might care about something like that? I sincerely hope not but still, it’s bad enough trying to keep on top of everything without having to deal with this nonsense. If you want advice, Start a real band. Be a real artist. Don't plan your trajectory via a spreadsheet. Work Hard. Play often and build an audience. Stay away from competitions that thake our name in vain. Thanks.

RIP - Norman Wisdom