Thursday, May 15, 2008

Matt and Kim’s Glasgow debut was fated to happen on the same night as the European Cup football debacle. As you know this means less than absolutely zero to me. The stage time was pushed back to 11pm and the two detonated pretty much bang on schedule. What you hear on myspace or wherever is purely an approximation of the atomic energy that these two youngsters generate.

Kim pounds those drums like a being possessed and Matt sings something like Emo Phillips channelling Mark Mothersbaugh. His keyboard oscillates in time and space with frequencies that even put a grin on my mug. The fun that these two have playing is practically immoral and most definitely infectious.

They don’t do encores either you get the heart, soul and kitchen sink in the actual performance. It’s tiring to witness because the energy levels never drop below tilt. Even when they claim to take it down a notch.

They’re in Sheffield tonight, Brighton tomorrow and London on Saturday. Check their site for details and see them if you can. By the time they get back out this way in November, tickets could well be in short supply. They’re out to build an M&K army, fan by fan if need be. What they do might not be for everybody but I think that anybody who likes to feel the crackle of genuine electricity would find much to love here. These two, and their tour manager Brian – are an active cell that are out to subvert the terrible careerist bollocks that shite like the NME continues to foist on our pop kids.

From the Please Kill Me mailout...

Update - Go to his myspace and hear more! Pub rock is heading back!!