Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Brij is back! Brijitte West that is...
RIP - Freddy Frogs

(Gracias to Brian for the heads up)
“Adiam Dymott” is the album I’ve been eagerly awaiting since I first heard “Memory Loss” last summer. The condition of the same name that I intermittently suffer from started way earlier. Kicking off with “John Denver”, it’s evident that this expectation has not been in vain. 10 nuggets of loud, crunchy pop magic crossed with a spiritual hip hop persuasion await anybody who enters here.

Each and every cut is wilfully commercial. Taken individually it’s actually 10 one-sided singles backed up ready for take off. I imagine that you’re already familiar with “Miss You”. If not then you’ve not been visiting here much.

Out on Razzia this coming Wednesday, Ms Dymott has taken that classic Roxy Music swagger, added a heady dose of shake appeal and delivered something undeniable. There’s an upbeat twist to the relatively downbeat subject matter of the song titles. “Today Was Just a Downer” will make yours anything but.

The percussive attack of “Black Cloud” (maybe some mad mental Indian Chief?) is phenomenal. Imagine the finer elements of "Exile on Main Street" and think of how they might have benefitted from a “Wall Of Sound” treatment. When the bright white lights hit the audience at the point of guitar ignition then it’s gonna be pandemonium. I hope to be right down the front at just such a stramash before long.

"Holiday Inn" (not the Stereo Total song) closes things with an almost “Auld Lang Syne” meets Sam Cooke refrain with a big rolling BCR anthemic guitar lollup. Runrig vs Sigue Sigue Sputnik even. It takes the pace down a notch and fires up the emotional quotient. Absolutely fucking beautiful, if you excuse the vernacular. There could well be tears, depending on how liquored up any given crowd gets.

Don’t encourage Boner or any of these other "names" that are out to fleece you, you need something that will be a little familiar but presented in a way that’s so bloody infectious they’ll need to develop a balm for it. And even that will only work temporarily.

The album is streaming on her myspace, just hit the link at the start there...

Ease yourself into Saturday with the Ian McLagan clip here. If we could all go to a shindig where the band sounded like this tonight then we'd be doing better than alright.