Monday, November 03, 2008

Wooden Shjips sailed into the old port of Glasgow last night and delivered a searing psych punch up the hooter to those who had the stamina to stay out late on a school night. The SF four piece might be a bit reticent on the presentation front but there's no denying the velocity. Plus the album material is way less Doors-y at this throttle.

Both opening bands played short sets. I wish more would take a leaf out of their book. Gummy Stumps kick up a decent enough racket but the vocals lett he side down a bit. Think Roy Cropper of Coronation Street with a Glasgow brogue channelling Mark E Smith.

Some of the ex Uncle John and Whitelock guys have taken up as Tut Vu Vu. I've no idea what that means but I do know is that they were really something. Off kilter crime jazz as realised by Bernard Hermann via Zacherle with a little Graham Bond on the side. And the short set actually left me wanting more, that almost NEVER happens. I hope they can capture this rare spirit in a recording studio. The Rev Dep Downie tells me they've scored some local film or other and that would seem like a logical avenue for them to take.

Didn't manage to catch much of Amy and Eric's set on the Billy Sloan show last night sadly. I did manage to interuppt it though. By calling when they were still on air. Eric didn't have the phone switched off and much comedy ensued. Apparently.
RIP - Yma Sumac
RIP - Jimmy Carl Black