Thursday, January 04, 2007

Same old e-mail shit, different year. I keep getting non-delivery messages and also if I try to send stuff to myself from work then that doesn't work either. So who the hell knows what is or isn't getting through. Not a terribly useful situation but them's the breaks. In fact them has been the breaks for so long I should possibly refer to this ongoing palaver as "them's the norm".

One working day into this year and I think that i'm getting the lurghi that's going around. Probably because those who have already got it drag their arses into the office and splutter their bugs all over the place. This is particularly not on when you sit in a big open plan space and there's coughing and general snottering from every direction. In addition, most horrible of all is the rumour that The Police are getting back together. Maybe they'll ask The Cramps to tour with them? You're right - probably not... there is indeed no end to the humiliation.

Isn't it about time that the public cottoned on to this type of corporate fleecing? Jeez I can hear that cod reggae and the Jon Anderson type vocal and it's making me feel worse than any prospective viral infection. I'll take "Yours Is No Disgrace" any old day (or night) of the week. Did I ever tell you that I saw Yes? Fell asleep during side 3 of "Tales of Topographic Oceans". I have no prog cred.