Saturday, September 16, 2006

THE COME-ONS are headed for Europe to hep you to their latest album, STARS on MO-POP. Make it worth their while wontcha?

Thursday, October: 5th: Hull -The Lamp
Friday, October 6th: Glasgow -Barfly
(Part of Funhouse Club night - Band onstage approx. midnight allegedly)
Saturday, October 7th: Coventry -Colosseum
Sunday, October 8th: Liverpool - Korova
Monday, October 9th: London -93 feet east
Tuesday, October 10th: Amiens -Lune des Pirates
Wednesday, October 11th: Kortrijk -The Pit's
Thursday, October 12th: Groningen -Vera (woo-hoo!)
Friday, October 13th: Venlo -The Perron
Saturday, October 14th: Amsterdam -Paradiso
Sunday, October 15th: Koln -Sonic Ballroom
Monday, October 16th: Karlsruhe
Tuesday, October 17th: Strasbourg
Wednesday, October 18th: Winterthur -Gaswerk
Thursday, October 19th: Chambery -Cite des Arts
Friday, October 20th: Marseille -Le Poste a Galene
Saturday, October 21st: Lyon -Rail Theatre
I think some of you folks will have fun with this between now and the end of the month... over to Sir Barney of Hoskyns....

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The fabulous HOODOO GIRL have upcoming shows at:

September 20th Romer, Bremen
September 21st Drei Königskeller, Frankfurt a. Main
September 29th White Trash, Berlin
September 30th Hedi / Landungsbrücken, Hamburg

You can check out their wares via their MYSPACE site,
what's not to dig?
Thanks to you folks who have indulged my aforementioned myspace presence. I can “add” requests but still don't have much luck with it not poleaxing my system for a reboot. My reputation in the "nae patience" department goes before me and any attempt to cool it and work through any such problem leaves me with steam coming outta my ears and every other orifice. Whilst I utilise this technology, I'm too reliant on it and would like to control this as well as reduce my carbon emissions. I’d also like to customise the page, if only I could remain logged in for any length of time, is there anywhere you can get (idiotproof) details of how to do that? Any tips that could be levelled in the direction of daftie would be appreciated…