Wednesday, January 20, 2010

“It’s a no bray-nah”… that’s another of these statements that has crept into everyday use.

Like “ It’s not rocket science”. These are generally trotted out by individuals not troubled with ownership of the grey matter nor the certification the latter one-liner suggests. Tt’s to just plane arseholeism to be fair, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the script and have to deal with it on a regular frequency.

I also dislike pontification. Especially when it’s spouted by individual who have no redeeming qualities with regard to why they should be tolerated. This sub species hampers my existence all too often and the last couple of days have provided a concentrated blast of this, let’s call it bullshit for description purposes. And whilst we’re on that subject...

... can’t Boner and Jay Zzzzzz just give some of their wealth to Haiti and cut the world some slack from another bloated charity shouting match? And those banking bonuses? Straight into the rebuild pot surely.

Me, I’m staring down the barrel of the ironing to the soundtrack of this little pile of cds to my left. Dr H and I coined a new term today that we hope to see adopted by dictionaries and other such tomes in the future. It's "cyrony", the interwb strain of irony.

And you?