Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It’s official. Nothing is sacred. Today started well with the Annika song and then I got to work and heard about this. Unless they’ve annexed May 26th as an adjunct to April Fools Day then this is true. And look who else is on the bill. Horrible. I feel physically sick at the thought.

Watched the phenomenon known as “The Scheme” last night having forgot to tune in last week. It’s like "Still Game" directed by David Simon. Well not really but it makes Baltimore look like Bearsden. Or a bizzarro world versh of "The Jersey Shore", take your pick. Mr Longmuir described the location as a “methadone metropolis”. There are two ways to consider this – one is that perhaps it’s time to get the exterminators in or the other that it’s “ah pure laugh an’ that”. Possibly the reality is somewhere in between but it’s compulsive viewing. A whole ‘nother world beyond dysfunction in the wilds that's undoubtedly considered some kind of exercise in societal engineering and a finite example of not being able to make something up. I can see the must have T-shirt of the summer, emblazoned with "Dayna's No' A Dafty". Y not ie.

This was a big surprise this morning... thanks Brogues.