Tuesday, January 05, 2010

RIP - Willie Mitchell

(Info courtesy of Mr Sangster via facebook)

I woke up at 02.57AM this morning thanks to the "Back To Work" internal alarm clock. Subsequently I've been awake since then. First day back sucked but could have been worse.

Yes you read that right but this might just be because I was so tired. But the cold during much of the morning primed a modicum of alertness. I could use a snooze now but I have to do a bunch of chores that just can't be put off for no longer. Well, they could but I've convinced myself they won't be. So with that in mind, and to ease us into this as yet young year - check out JD's latest instalment.

If you're new to it then just go up to the sidebar on his site and pick off the chapters. If it was a book - and it should be - then it'd be the proverbial page turner!

M E T A P H O R S - Chapter 7