Friday, April 13, 2007

Checks and balances, swings and roundabouts, all part of the day to day tolerance testing. I was having a pretty good week all told until last night when it all sped downhill pretty rapidly. Nothing to do with The Sopranos (which was great, and was over by the time the phone rang). Nowt I can exactly drag through the neighbourhood. Just plain bad news that affects people that I have some concern for. Once again, a perspective not exactly considered, comes crashing into view, all a far cry from where I was at this time last Friday.

But hey, existence must go on and will go on regardless. Waiting (im)patiently for the WFMU archive of Amy Allison's sesh on "Give The Drummer Some" earlier today. Will post when available. Meanwhile, check out this review of "Everything And Nothing Too" to get you in the mood...

(Update at 7.40am - Saturday...)

It's up there, setlist is...

Don't You Know Anything/Don't Go to Sleep/Don't Go Downtown/Out of Sight, Out of Mind/Have You No Pride?/Listeless and Lonesome/Every Day Is Like Sunday/Was/Pretty Things to Buy/Baby You're the One/Moonlight on the Mountains/Rose Red

live on WFMU. Absolutely sodding priceless... Whole show is cool, Amy comes on about 2 hours in. Abetted by Pete Galub on guitar.