Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Skeletons should require no introduction to regulars but there seem to have been some newbies dropping by lately so maybe they’ve yet to have the pleasure. Well, this is the greatest band on earth. At least that’s what you’ll reckon when you clock the contents of “Alive In The Nineties”. The latest labour of love by the Almeron imprint. Recorded between 1990 and 1995, this has exactly the gamut of styles that seemingly barred them from the bigtime. Record execs were flummoxed. How dare a band display an ability to cover the length and breadth of all music made before or since, and in such an entertaining fashion. This collection contains familiar and rare material including their take on “Rockaway Beach”. If this stuff don’t move you then you’re probably beyond saving. Write to Tom Taber and pledge your allegiance. Forget Radioheid, direct your Paypal surplus at

And, staying in the environs of the Ozarks proximity, you might care to check out Flower Tattoo by Jenny Vinyard who has enlisted the aid of some Skele alumni (DCT, Joe Terry Esq.) to pitch in this, her debut album. It’s a groovy wad of pop and blues and her voice reminds me of Amy Rigby sometimes. You know that’s a good thing. Produced by the great J. Wunderle, the opening track "Wanna Be" is sod all to do with the Spice bisoms and everything to do with evoking The Georgia Satellites. You can hear it at her myspace.