Sunday, December 02, 2007

So here we are in the run up to the silly season. I'm still trying to circumnavigate this trapped nerve malarky and might well have to relent and make a doctors appointment. But what's a little discomfort here and there... so the last few days have been something of a blur and not on account of the painkillers. T'was grand to see Captain Graboff who was in the 'hood with Ryan Adams. Along with Captain Kruickshank we sampled the Ashoka take on the dumpakht. Three thumbs up. Perhaps even six.

Another quick hit and run on the DWC on Friday night. Suzy Y Los Quattro were in town for their second show there of 2007. The Pretty Things were playing across town someplace but the real action was being served up here.

So, French trio, The Sonic Angels kicked off the bill in finest swamp psychedelia style kicking out a thick, grungey soup of a sound. Not sure what the recordings sound like, their myspace banjo'd my internut connection, but came across as pretty bloody choice from where I was standing. The band had been the victims of a gear theft earlier in the day but didn't seem to let that get in the way of providing some loud, dirty Panther Burns taking on Hawkwind kinda rock action.

Mark and the Spies from The Netherlands were next. Their grasp on the sixties beat handbook is tight indeed. I have a pretty low threshold for bands that simply copy what they percieve to be the right moves but these guys are truly great. From their matching apparel to their chops, there's a degree of soul involved and an understated sense of perfomance. They're equal parts Rutles to any of the more obvious comparisons that could could be made. Mark and the Spies are authentic but never precious and that's a rare commodity in these identikit, cut and paste times.

And well, Suzy and co are completely sublime. This is a big, big thing getting ready to bust out at full speed. The pop shrapnel will embed itself in anybody who can clock a great tune. Performance-wise it's just total fun and a contagious dousing in the finest rifforama that is available anywhere. A reminder of how it can be away from the constant barrage of unworthy suspects that purport to be popular. Kicking off with a new tune "Delighted To see You", the feeling was undoubtedly mutual. Their new drummer, Yuri, is setting in nicely and can deliver the beat punctuation that is required to propel such powerful pop action. The band is in the midst of preparing the as-yet untitled follow up to "Ready To Go". Four of the new songs were aired and they fit like a glove. Building on the framework that they've made so effortlessly their own. The world could sure use the tonic that they seem to have the recipe for. BB Quattro is shaping up as quite a tunesmith and "H-A-T-E" is a glambunctious stomp which somehow conjures up Le Hoodoo Gurus "Leilani" and "I Wanna Be Sedated" without sounding anything like either. It was some kind of sonic fugue that just collided in the tilt volume. Loud and altogether clear. I know there's no such thing as justice but these kids mean business.

I've no idea what being a proud parent feels like but figure I got an inkling watching and listening to this. And it's all so good hearted. that as much as anything is what makes it special. The means of getting the message out to those who need it most is fraught with bollocks these days. Taking it to the highways and byeways is the onlt certified way to connect.

And boy/girl, do these kids connect. At home in Spain, and in countries like Japan, audiences are way more sophisticated. Their tastebuds are in tune with stuff that isn't a fad. And SYLQ might seem like a simple pop ensemble but they're actually way more. They've taken the Ramones/Blondie axis and skewered it with Dictator-ial guitar licks. Sure, certain aspects might remind you of both of those but only momentarily. This isn't nostalgia. These guys weren't even born when what became to be labelled as "Punk" was born. The way they've joined up the positive musical dots to arrive at their sound is nothing short of a miracle. If it sounds derivative to you then you're not fucking listening. This deserves to go straight to this bridge and the next. When the band launched into "Lipstick To Japan", a very eyecatching girl in black bounded to the front. I hope she was caught on camera but I digress... have a look at this Ray Fury clip from Friday.

Hopefilly, it'll become possible for them to traverse the world and that Suzy will have her own "contact lense roadie" to make sure that events like last Friday won't happen again. Suzy Y Los Quattro are straining at the leash. If they were to make a serious attempt at global domination then I hope you'll all pile aboard the campaign.

BB is all fired up and ready to move mountains if necessary. By March 2008 we should be a little clearer with regard to strategy, so watch this space for further bulletins.

Meanwhile, with regard to the Dirty Water then this coming Friday, Glasgow's "ain" Primevals will be giving it laldie with The Priscillas and The Nuns. By all accounts Fridays' warm up show was some kind of religious experience so you wouldn't want to miss out on a pre-christmas one o' those now wouldyer?