Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now I've pretty much seen it all...

From last night, a mixed bag for sure. A spirited disintegration here and there but on the whole, they pulled it off. Rehearsing in public might well catch on...

First up, Lord Rochester... and you'll recognise the other guys. Apparently they're staying in the UK to make a new album after this series of shows. Those Cluny shows in Newcastle next week should be a hoot.

Le Weekend 2010

14th – 17th October @ The Tolbooth, Stirling.

Thursday 14th

Room 1
LW Classic Playback Series – Horace Tapscott/ The Dark Tree
RM Hubbert
Critical Mass – Mats Gustaffson & Agusti Fernandez
Ben Frost
Sten Sandell Hammond Organ Trio with Johan Berthling & Paal Nilssen-Love

Friday 15th

Big Noise Improv Team
Room 2
LW Classic Playback Series 2 – Soft Machine/ Volume 2
Alphabet Dust
Piano Tapes – Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider
Ass – Andreas Soderstrom
Murcof & Francesco Tristano

Saturday 16th

Film Screening 1 – Animal Riot by Mandy McIntosh
The Room 3 versus Junk Music
Film Screening 2 – Patti Smith/ Dream of Life by Steven Sebring
The Music of Alvin Lucier 1
Oceans of Silver & Blood – Mark Wastell & Joachim Nordwall
New String Theory – Rhodri Davies, Lina Lapelyte & Angharad Davies
Claudia Molitor
LW Classic Playback Series 3 – John Zorn/ The Big Gundown
Peter Nicholson – Songs
Marilyn Crispell
Raymond MacDonald
Tetuzi Akiyama + Chris Forsyth

Sunday 17th

Notes From The Underground
The Room 4
The Music of Alvin Lucier 2
Film Screening 3
LW Classic Playback Series 4 – Roxy Music + The Darnely Dinner
John Butcher & Gerry Hemingway
The End of An Ear – All Things Must Pass

Thanks to Rab Buchanan for the info.