Sunday, July 11, 2010

I nearly made what could have been a very embarrassing mistook. Planning to go to Utrecht, certain that A-Bones show was on Saturday when it was in fact on Friday. Sick as I am about missing it, I would have been spitting many more feathers if I'd gotten there the day after. This has taught me a valuable lesson to mark up the calendar for important events and check the dates. Evediently, my recall and even ability to read is misfiring.

I need to file my column for the OX too. Meant to do that yesterday but never got the op. To tell the truth, your scribe could happily veg out in front of the TV but that's an urge that needs to be fought. It's not quite uncontrollable yet but it's getting there. Perhaps I should drag myself outdoors but the weather is on some kind of rolling bluster with bursts of sunshine punctuated by high winds and rain.

So let's see how it all unfolds over the course...