Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Yazoo Squelch Audio Society has released Andy Shernoff's "Are You Ready To Rapture". Cub (at least I think that's what it sez) reported A. Dahlmann broke the story during his first night out in NYC where the lucky blighter also caught the man's Lakeside Lounge show with Scott Kempner.

Flipside is an unreleased cut with Joey on the song "Make Me Tremble".

It's available in Europe here. If anyone closer to home needs one then let me know and I'll get them direct from the man himself during Nortonpalooza.

Join Line and Andrè live on Radio New York International at 7.30pm (EST) with Pop Detective head honcho Mark Hershberger, Dave the Boogieman and Barry Dreyfus!

Them Dahlmanns will be talking about "All Dahled Up" and DTB will play tracks from it!! Hit this link at the specified time and you'll be transported to Planet D.

Photo: Line + Darlene Love at Underground Garage 500 just the other night.