Monday, June 15, 2009

I know, when I mentioned twitter the other day - some of you thought - surely he's got a letter wrong in there. I can't altogether disagree but give me a break. Just trying to behave like I can embrace the latest fads to some extent. It's not easy trying to entertain within the confines of a dreaded text message, er sorry, microblog. I plan to keep this particular ball in the air for as long as possible but pleased be advised that these epistles will hardly be coming at you thick and fast.

The two Adiam clips are amazing... here’s “Memory Loss”. My thanks again to Bgrrrlie for the cattleprod.

JD King has a whole flotilla of new stories backed up for you to check out. I live in hope that one day these will all be available in a tip top compendium published by an imprint that recognises the greatness of this stuff.

On the subject of books, Sir Tom Morton's "Serpentine" has just come out. Perhaps you need to procure something of the printed variety for the holidays? Then jump the heck on in.

Seems like monsoon season has hit these here parts, it’s a lot fresher out there now and I made it to town and back on foot without getting drenched so I’ll settle for that as a result.

there go the cobwebs... thanks Stargirl!