Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Watching a snow blizzard blow over what passes for a prairie outside of the day prison window this morning was depressing. After the past few weeks of relatively decent temperatures, it’s cold and insidiously damp. Of the type that seeps into your bones. In addition to this, I’m pretty sure the lurghi is working its magic to clobber me in the coming days. My wee nose is redder than Rudolph’s right now.

Despite the fact that I have a fairly low threshold for “urban” music in general, here’s something that came to my attention at the weekend. Having hummed and hawed about posting it, the video itself is excellent, not least because it was inspired by M&K’s “Lessons Learned”.

In addition to this being their favourite type of music, the clip seizes the style of the Zapruder Kennedy assassination footage as it may have been captured on the technologu of now. In these days of being deluged with “fluff”, this is fairly hard hitting and should stir up a lot of attention. And hopefully stir a whole ‘nother demographic for Matt & Kim.

In the new Mojo, Phil Alexander suggests that anyone who doesn’t think that the JJR is the best rock’n’roll band on earth right now is a fool. If so then I’m one of those, in at least 72pt red capital letters. If they truly believe that statement to be true then we’re doomed and would do well to turn our backs on the form once and for all. Ben Vaughn tried to tell me that r’n’r was dead and I didn’t listen. He even wrote it down for me. I was having none of it.

When I read statements like that, I can almost taste the desperation. It’s OK to buy into that notion but when it’s so blatantly awry then you have to start to think that it could be more than a taste blip. So pity the fool folks, as he breaks into another packet of hankies.