Saturday, June 09, 2007

You know how it is, you're looking for something specific that you know is around but it doesn't want to reveal itself. Then you find a bunch of other stuff and all of a sudden an hour is gone. Sort of like going on YouTube but better for your vision...
As an ideal accompaniment to this (freak) So Cal weather, The Beat Poets appear as part of the Glasgow West End Festival tomorrow (Sunday 10th). they'll be on the Church Street/Byres Road stage at approximately 2.45pm.

El Rancho Relaxo is at Brel from 6pm so that all sounds like the logical conclusion to the day.


And talking of California, those in LA will surely be taking in the event at KingKing on June 25th.

"THE BLUE SHADOWS feat: Bill Bateman, Javier Matos, Johnny Bazz & friends. This show is going to be filmed & recorded for an upcoming documentary following the legendary career of Bill Bateman."

The Cramps inability to realise when they're on to a good thing is everybody else's gain...


Wonder what "Seven Arse Ups of Rock" has in store for us tonight? The latest instalment will cast its less than detail specific eye on the wonderful world of heavy metal. Wish them luck...