Monday, September 08, 2008

So where did the weekend go exactly? I knuckled down and got the garden in some sort of shape. Hoping that's it for zero eight but who knows. Bit of hedge trimming next weekend if the weather holds but what's the bloody chance of that?

If you didn't shift your 'arris and order one of the signed HS cds from Bengans then "your tea is oot". They've vamoosed. Probably down to that world exclusive review of More Modern Short Stories from last week. Or perhaps not. The appearance of the Sandra Löv directed "Anna" video obviously pushed interest into hyperdrive. The "digi-single" went into the Swedish charts at 43 this past week. I'm rooting for a big climb this coming week. I guess these things matter in some terms with regard to perceived popularity. I don't think justice plays any part in it. However much it should. If it did then it would have been #1 with the proverbial bullet.

So, for those of you who had trouble locating it on, it's now on youtube, which means that you can view it here.