Friday, February 20, 2009

This just in from (and also Martin and Jonathan - thanks fellas)

"Sorry folks!
The Rezillos have split up.
We know it's happened before but we're pretty sure it's for real this time.
Thanks for being with us on this manic journey.
We have no idea what happens next –but the world will hear from some of us again!

Update @ 9pm - This is being disputed. As soon as I hear anything conclusive then I'll add it. Possibly not tonight though...

Update @ 5am 21/2 - Incase you never looked at the comments from Bryan Swirsky, he spoke to Jo and Eugene and the band has NOT split. I'll report any developments as I get them.
Thanks to Jos at Fistful for the head's up on this...

Good Morning! You're getting this because you're on the Rob's House Records email list and we've got a new label to introduce. Welcome: Sing Sing Records. We're (legitimately) reissuing our favorite punk singles from the late 70s and early 80s. First pressing is 500 copies of each but we're definitely up to represses and/or basically keeping these in stock if you guys want em. So, here's the first batch:

Sing 001 :: ROSES ARE RED - Can't Understand b/w Your Love Is Like A Ballistic Missile

"A five-piece punk band formed in the first half of 1978, Roses Are Red suffered a series of personnel changes before a March 1979 line-up featuring Chris Thompson (v) and Nicky Hallam (gtr) with Vibrators members Greg Van Cook, Ian 'Knox' Carnochan and John 'Eddie' Edwards recorded this self-produced single at Elephant Studios, London, and privately issued it in June, receiving positive responses. The stand out track is Your Love Is Like A Ballistic Missile, and infectious punk song built around a catchy chorus: a DIY punk gem which has developed a steady reputation among collectors...." [45 revolutions]

Sing 002 :: RUDI - Big Time b/w No. One

"The first punk band to emerge from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Rudi was formed in late 1975; although before punk broke, the original lineup toyed with glam sounds and even had two drummers! This lineup consisted of Ronnie Matthews (gtr/v), Brian Young (gtr/v), Drew Brown (d) and Graham 'Grimmy' Marshall (bass/vcls). By the time their first single was recorded, Graham Marshall moved to drums and Gordon Blair joined on bass. "A single, cheaply recorded at Templepatrick Studios on February 1978, emerged in the last week of April '78, housed in a fold-open cover with artwork inspired by the 1932 movie 'The Mummy' (with Boris Karloff) on the front. A punk/powerpop song of superior musical level, Big Time was the perfect introduction to Rudi: crisp, tight, energetic and contagiously melodic. The flip was a good '77 three chord garage-punker, which confirmed the band's talent." [45 Revolutions]

Sing 003 :: THE ZIPS - Take Me Down / Don't Be Pushed Around / I'm In Love / Over & Over

"In 1978 John McNeil (v/gtr) and Brian Jackson (gtr) recruited Joe Jaconelli (d) and Phil Mullen (b/v), and launched The Zips onto the New Wave. They released their debut single, The Zips EP, in April 1979, a favourite of Radio Clyde, and the late-John Peel on Radio One. The 500 copies swiftly sold out, and it was followed by a new single, Radioactivity, on their own Tenement Toons label.

$6 each / plus shipping.

Remember, these are legit reissues which means we're paying the bands so no complaints about prices. In fact, if you've seen these on ebay anytime in the last few years, you'll know you're getting an amazing deal.

Order now and check out our fully-functional website at

Records will ship sometime next week. Also available soon from: Revolver, Matador, Goner

Up next: Jetz - Catch Me, Rudi - I Spy, De Cylinders - I Wanna Get Married
I'm feeling a tad weary. Not sure why exactly because I sure as hell haven't been exerting myself. Spent much of the day thinking about how Ivy is coming to terms with Lux's passing on this, her birthday. It's bad enough when someone exits your life stage left for whatever reason but when you're as joined at the hip as those two were then it boggles the mind.

I hope she's doing as OK as is humanly possible under the circumstances.

Otherwise, there are two or three other things to write and also my "Wrecking Crew" intro to think about. I need to switch off for a bit to gather me thoughts and scribble longhand whilst listening to music or watching a movie. Per'aps both. Two weeks today, the Quattros roll into London, just what the rock'n'roll doctor ordered in terms of a tonic for this jaded afterburn.

Hope to see a squad of you dahn there...

I'll be back early, not nec bright tomorrow morning. Have a luvverly evening/day/night... delete as applicable.