Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Black Lips first foray into these parts last night was a short sharp jag. Opening for some guy by the name of Bobby Conn who was a serious mis-match of the kind you hardly ever see anymore. So this meant that The Lips were onstage by 8 and off at 8.30. Their agitated Electric Eels meet The Fleshtones mercybeat is delivered with train-like percussion. Sometimes it swings, sometimes it heads off into outer space. Despite what seemed like the soundguy's best intentions to have it jump the tracks, they made it to the next station. Jed, the drummers big beat, no frills tub-thump really allows the sound to surf over the top. Like a particularly malevolent wave breaking on the shore into fuzzed, psyche shards. It’s all fairly chaotic, much like Cole Alexander's barnet. A Mary Chain by way of the Thompson Twins hedgerow, bordering on being a hair-don’t. They’re at The Classic Grand in Glasgow tonight so cut along and give them some moral support. They’re all over Europe like a rash and back in Glasgow on June 4th. An appearance at the very fine Debaser in Stockholm is coming up on Friday May 11th and also at the Malmo branch the next night. A full list of shows running into June is here. The Munster dvd should also be available any minute now.
Bobby Conn started his set with a movement that approximated a Gibb Brother (you decide which) being accompanied by Hawkwind but the resultant noise wasn't as interesting a canvas as that might suggest. We made it out into the night to grab a couple of haggis samosas, a little fusion cuisine fast food.

Due to continuing stuff and nonsense here, I haven't been in a position to file a report on the Danny and Dusty thing from last week. One of just three shows in the UK on their way to Europe. They do that bar-music pretty good and Dan Stuart has a kind of Hunter S. Thompson doing John Belushi thing going on. Wee bit of Phil Alvin too. Some “hobbit-rock” combo called Porcupine Tree was giving it big licks upstairs in the bigger venue. Every now and again the noise would emerge and try to engulf D&D. “Song for the Dreamers” is one of the great anthems and no amount of prog thunder can halt it. I haven’t heard their new Blue Rose release but the material they did from that sounded pretty good. The whole band was right on the money and sometimes it really soared. If they roll into a venue anywhere near where you are, then head along. This damn thing is still playing up but stay tuned as much keyboard rassling is on the cards.
And how's this for a segue... from Black Lips to Wooden Shjips...