Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A car clutch failure looked like it might impinge on yon weekend just past but it didn’t wreck things completely. It complicated logistics here and there but not three much. Saw a movie called “Bring Me The Head of the Machine Gun Woman” that was shown as part of Frightfest.

The plotline of this Chilean exploitation flick doesn’t stand too much scrutiny but its several degrees more fun than Django. Caught an episode of Hellfjord, need to see more before I can decide how contrived to a perceived demographic it actually is. 

From there, I met Magnus Dahlmann off the airport bus. He’d made the journey to catch the Sunday Monorail Film Club Screening of Big Star – Nothing Can Hurt Me. Making its long-anticipated debut in a town that has long played a part in the growth of the legend of the band. I would argue the point with anyone that a certain band from Bellshill is almost singularly responsible for giving this much of a hoot, the film plus a US-centric path and tells the story the way it probably needs to be told. While the DB’s and REM or whoever certainly were torch bearers, "Bandwagonesque" is hands down the follow up to Radio City. I think there’s room for a film about Alex to be made aside from this but this is pretty excellent. Personally I found some of it very moving. Articularly the inclusion of that Cramps Memphis footage on the big screen and the Panther Burns clips.

I’m glad Drew DeNicola sanctioned the film to the film festival because of the strong bond that Scottish pop has with that Big Star skewed-anglophilic sound. Having Magnus here allowed scope for wandering around town pointing out hotspots where celebrations of the band have taken place over the years. By the time it makes it to DVD, I’m sure there’ll be a ton of extras but take any opportunity to catch it in a theatre that you can. 

February is almost over. We’re all over the dank, driech cold dark winter. The intention of doing this every day hasn’t exactly worked out but I’m breaking in some new hardware so who knows how March will shape up.  It certainly starts well with the return of Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby. The immediate world is always a better place with them around.