Thursday, December 10, 2009

The new austerity or rather that which has become the norm is once again blowing its chill wind around the collective kilt of we folks out this way. Expecting something of an updraft, there's nothing much else to do except hunker down and hope that it passes. It would of course be preferable if one could come out relatively unscathed but nothing, as we all know, is a given anymore. So as they’re inclined to remark in a small village here in the central region, “Fuck it”.

Nothing much to reportez right now as I’m eating and running whilst in between doing this. The Dolls are at The Picturehoose in Edinburgh and all roads and railtracks are leading there.

Happenings coming up in ol' NY and thereabouts in the near(ish) future...

31st December 2009, The A-Bones with The Detroit Cobras at The Mercury Lounge.

1st January 2010, The Fleshtones with Roky Erickson at Southpaw, Brooklyn.

Talking of those super rockin' patron saints of the good time, Mr Zaremba has some kinda foodie/travelogue scene going over at BusyBuddy. Check it oot!