Thursday, July 12, 2012

It’s all going over the score. This upcoming shit fest down “The London” with scraps thrown around the country is an abomination. Nobody (that I determine to be of sound mind) cares. Why not just light a money bonfire? We’ve had some fitba tournament and Wimbledumb as warm acts, now it’s time for the headliner. The biggest shakedown to the taxpayer in this country ever!

The malaise that is sport doesn’t trouble my world in any way shape or form but this has nothing to do with “sport”. That was another of these notions that started out with honourable intent and got snaffled up. My tuppence worth – this should have been given to a developing nation or someplace that would have benefited. Not this pathetic little enclave. Now the designated security company has admitted they’re not up to the task and the army is being drafted in, just another episode in the knockabout, topsy-turvy spoof that is living in the UK 2012.

While the greedy stockpile their dough and hope that people will turn on one another like dogs across the planet, these are weird, disturbing times. The puppet masters are orchestrating the unrest, probably guffawing as the police wade into protesters on the streets of Madrid. Wondering where they should put together a flare-up next.

I keep hearing about “growth”. A word I equate with cancer. Whatever happened with just trying to maintain a reasonable level of business? Why does everything have to be about more? I was going to say sustain but that’s been co-opted like sustainable to be used as a buzzword by cloying twats who pretend to give a hoot about the environment.

As times go, I don’t much care for these.