Sunday, September 06, 2009

One of the greatest publications of all and any time is bound for the internut...

Ladies and gentlemen... I give you... THE A&R REPORT!!

It's a holiday weekend of sorts here. In the olden days, all roads led to the Blackpool Illuminations but not so much anymore. It's been a productive day so far but the old blogging has suffered a bit. Earlier, the foundations of a long plotted project were put in place and as the winter nights draw in some flesh will be hung on these aural bones if all goes well. No statute of limitations but the longest journey and all that bobbins.

I nipped along the road and saw "Moon". Not bad but no great shakes to my mind. Reminiscent of a bunch of things but nowhere near any of them. Style over substance maybe and a tad Gerry Anderson in places. Time to switch this off and go attend to some culinary action for later. Me ironing won't do itself either but ain't convinced that I won't get sidetracked from that and besides, I'm on staycation after all... it'll keep.