Saturday, August 21, 2010


3-CD Box-Set (LP-size), 208-page hardcover book
GENRE: Various styles

BEAR FAMILY celebrates its 35th year in the business
BEAR FAMILY boxed sets continue to set the standard for reissues, worldwide
Exclusive anniversary offer for our friends at a very special price
Musicians and songwriters join to pay tribute to BEAR FAMILY
Original recordings -- not available anywhere else


BEAR FAMILY RECORDS came into being in the late summer of 1975.We want to celebrate the company's 35th anniversary with a very special release.

A CD/book edition has been produced just for this event. You may purchase this item at a special price. Our friends in the music industry, musicians and songwriters, have written and recorded a collection of 'Bear' songs especially for our anniversary. These original recordings -- 68 in all -- are available exclusively on this LP-sized BEAR FAMILY boxed set.

Especially interesting are the songs that deal not just with any old bear, but with our own BEAR FAMILY label -- Jim Diamond: Bear Family; Deke Dickerson: Bear Family Talking Blues; Roland Heinrich: Sixteen Discs, and Kim Lenz: What I Crave.

In the accompanying book, some of the world's leading music critics and experts pick their all-time favorite BEAR FAMILY releases. This CD boxed set is an unprecedented celebration because BEAR FAMILY is a record company without peer -- and because a 35th anniversary only comes once every thirty-five years!)!

RIP - Richard Lopez (Cannibal and the Headhunters)

RIP - Michael Been (The Call)

The Lola Dutronic “Musique” EP reconvenes some older material as new mixes with the title track based on the Martin Rev bedrock. Their mix of electro and europop is as lush as all get out. The way “Brigitte Bardot” sweeps out of the speakers is just about as groovy as you’re likely to be able to stand and that accent... jings, crivvens, help ma boab! The faux cha cha cha ending rocks too.

“Whisper” itself is chilling. It takes a "J’taime..." ambience into a Blade Runner as interpreted by David Lynch type setting. It’s a sensual assault that must sound monumental pumping out of a full-on club PA. Actually I’m not sure my heart could take it but I’d certainly be willing to give it a go. This is where Suicide intersects with Gainsbourg to create something genuinely not of this earth. Check out this clip but be reminded that its probably NSF most avenues of W.